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Dynamic Grid Obstacle leaves holes behind (Solved)

I have a simple grid graph, an object1 that’s moving on that graph (seeker, aiPath and aiDestinationSetter) and another object2 that moves around on it’s own.

I gave object2 a Dynamic Grid Obstacle component because I don’t want object1 going through it and it does disable any nodes below it, but they remain disabled. I’ve compared it with example scene 2 but I just can’t figure out what causes it.

If I pause the game and press Scan, it repairs all the holes, so I assume I could fix it by constantly calling, but I couldn’t find such an additional script in the example scene 2, so I don’t feel comfortable going this route when I know there should be an easy solution I’m not seeing.

E: I played around with scan and update bounds, but no matter what I do there’s always a lag spike when calling it. Not looking at all like the behaviour in example scene 2.

E2: Found the problem. My object consists of multiple children with colliders and I placed just one script on the parent instead of one on each child. Not sure if I should leave this up in case someone makes the same mistake or if I should delete it to free up space, so I’ll just put a “Solved” in the title and call it a day.

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