Do updates often change AIPath?

I’m working on pathfinding in my game an using AIPath was a great starting point. However, I noticed there are MANY features in it that I just don’t use such as gravity, autorepath, rotation.

Is it safe to effectively copy and paste AIPath code into a new differently named file to modify and use it - in a sense that I’m worried that if the A*PP recieves significant feature / performance upgrades and those upgrades are directly built into AIPath (or its parent script, AIBase), I might miss out on them?

How often does this file change, and would you say this is an okay thing to do, considering the asset is pretty stable and I feel like the code in said files has matured, or should I just inherit from AIPath and overload values?


The AIPath script changes quite often, but the changes are usually not that large.
It’s completely reasonable to make your own movement script with just the features you need, and base it on the AIPath script.