Configuring tags/GraphUpdateScene component to work for a 2D game

Hi, I’m working on a top-down 2d game, and I’m having trouble getting the tags to work. I’ve attached a GraphUpdateScene component to the A* object in my scene and configured it in a way similar to how it was configured in your tutorial video in the “working with tags” section. I set the graph coloring for the A* object to tags, and nothing is showing up in the game even with the gizmos enabled. In short, I just have no clue how to configure the GUS component to create a region that applies a penalty to nodes in a 2D top-down game. Do you have any pointers?



Sorry for the late answer.
Make sure that the GOS component has a bounding box that definitely encompasses the nodes, even on the Z axis. The most common issue is that the bounding box is too thin along the z axis.

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