Client sync RVO

I just Buy it today,And Im doing mult RTS,
My friend, please tell me, is the local avoidance stable?, not like unity physic.would the position sync every frame in different client?. I’ve already write Server to lockframe sync.
English is not my first language, please forgive my bad write


The local avoidance does not use any physics or anything. However, since it does use floating point calculations, it is not necessarily deterministic across different machines (the C# and burst compiler are free to use extra precision in some cases which can make it non-deterministic).

Really appreciate reply me!!
Its possible to change the float to Int just by my own?I dont know if it is a really big work which can not handle by a beginner.
And is there any other way to make it deterministic? Im appreciate your any solution or advice.

That would be a massive piece of work I’m afraid. Especially getting it performant enough.