Carving Area in new class

hi, i’m trying to create a new class (CarvingArea) based on DynamicGridObstacle, I need it to assign an area instead of removing the walkable mesh, something like GraphUpdateScene.
I need it to be constantly updated and for this I did the following:

New class CarvingArea (similar to DynamicGridObstacle):
only change this code:

// Check what seems to be fastest, to update the union of prevBounds and newBounds in a single request
// or to update them separately, the smallest volume is usually the fastest
//if (BoundsVolume(merged) < BoundsVolume(newBounds) + BoundsVolume(prevBounds))
// Send an update request to update the nodes inside the ‘merged’ volume
// Send two update request to update the nodes inside the ‘prevBounds’ and ‘newBounds’ volumes
//;, 0);, 1);

and create new procedure in AstarPath:

public void UpdateGraphsArea(Bounds bounds, int area)
GraphUpdateObject vGraphUpdateObject = new GraphUpdateObject(bounds)
modifyWalkability = false,
setWalkability = false,
addPenalty = 0,
updatePhysics = false,
updateErosion = true,
resetPenaltyOnPhysics = false,
modifyTag = true,
setTag = area
UpdateGraphs(vGraphUpdateObject );

Is there any way to see in debugging the colored area in the grid when you activate the Show Graphs option?