Can't type in values to Grid graph

Using beta 4.3.37

If I type in Width 1024, Depth 1024, Node Size 1 it works OK
I want Width 1024, Depth 2048, Node Size 1.
But if I type that in, it automatically changes Width 512, Depth 1024, Node Size 2.


The grid graph is clamped to 1024 nodes along one dimension at most. So when you try to type in 2048 it automatically clamps it and scales up the nodes instead.

A 1024*2048 node graph is veeery large. However if you really want this you can edit the GridGraph.cs script and remove this artificial constraint. There’s nothing preventing you from doing this other than it using a ton of memory.

Thanks. I would not normally use such a large grid graph except for the bug Stack overflow with FlipScanEdgeEvent which leaves me no choice.