Cancel and update paths


Wondering if I can get some help. I bought this recently and have had reasonable success. But am wondering a few things

  1. I need to be able to interrupt an AI on a path, to either completely cancel the path and have them stand still, or to update their path from current position to new target (ie repathing from current position). For some reason I cant get the path to reset or update. Is there any thing I need to call to have the path reevaluate to new Start,End positions? Or to reset/cancel completely.

  2. Im sometimes getting this error: “Target is null, aborting all search” . Is the default trying to do a search path on startup? I guess I dont need that until I set a target to try to move to?

  3. When I want to move to a selected target should I be using seeker.TrySearchPath or seeker.StartPath (from , to)

I tried by jsut copying the MineBotAI setup and got this far…but doesnt seem to be working quite right.



ah I think I realise my mistake. I needed to use the target to actually have a Transform based object to act as end of path, and the StartPath is done automatically instead of me calling.


Did you get yours to work ? I am trying to abort my RichAI path when the recast updates and the target becomes unreachable so the AI will stop precisely where he is standing but i can’t figure out the best approach to do it.