Calculate path to nearest graph point (PointGraph)?

Hi, we use A* for character movement.
I made a PointGraph, resolved nodes / connections manually. Everything just works fine, paths are returned well using Seeker.StartPath() even with Smooth modifier.

User click around the cyan point, I send the raycasted position to find path to, and character gets moved to the end of the returned path. It is just fine, the framework is blazing fast.

But when user clicks around the green point, Seeker.StartPath() returns with something like “No open points, whole area searched”, and gives back no path points. :frowning:

Is there any chance to seek path even if user clicked way far away from the nodes (like around 500 unit)? I experienced something similar when I used Raycast Graphs way back in development.


After building node connections manually you need to call
To make sure that some things are recalculated. If you do that it will return the path to the closest node it can reach.

Awesome! Exactly what we needed, thanks.

You could pimp Astar documentation by the way with method descriptions / summaries, more and more recent examples. I think many feature remain hidden from you users because of this. Definitely worth more than add new features. Framework is still awesome and fast. “Flood fill complete, 9 areas found - 0.23 ms”, I really love it.

Some source code arrangment could also help a lot, something like source code. It is really easy to approach.


Nice that you like it.
Yeah, I could. But writing documentation takes a huge amount of time, there is just so much to document. I usually focus on the public facing API as much as possible, so the internals might get a bit too undocumented sometimes.

I haven’t seen that Triangle.Net thing before, I will take a look at it.

PS: Like the project? It would be really nice if you would rate it/write a review on the Asset Store.