"Bouncy" Seeker while rebuilding the recast graph

Hi there,
I am currently new at programming with Astarpath. I am using the recast graph for generating a Nav Mesh. Because for the game all surfaces are used, the graph needs to be constant rebuilt/updated. Currently the graph is rebuild asynchron every 5 seconds, which works fairly well. The only problem is, that the seeker using the graph for pathfinding, bounce every time it is rebuilt. I figured this may be, because their own collider makes the space around them excluded from the graph.
I tried to update the graph with a GraphUpdateObject and disabling the physic, but this did not help my case.
Does someone have a solution for this problem?


You can probably get a more robust result by using the RichAI movement script instead of the AIPath movement script. The AIPath one might get confused if its path calculation takes too long (which it might do if it queued a path request, and then it has to wait until the graph is recalculated).

I found the problem yesterday myself. The characters itself we’re creating a nevmesh cut around them. When the navmesh was rebuild, they would bounce to other places to avoid the hole, they created. Putting them on a layer, which was not calculated for the navmesh, solved it.

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