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"Boarding" the ship in the Moving Example

Similar to the “moving example” I have multiple moving ships I’m allowing other agents to enter/board and navigate (AI Path). They are launched into a volume that matches the recast graph’s original scan. When that happens, I switch which mask they’re using appropriately (only the ship’s graph).

However, despite this update to use the right mask (and being on the ship) they still think the graph is located somewhere else (even when the ship isn’t moving, and the graph is aligned/positioned correctly to it).

Currently I’m scanning the graph where they’re initially spawned, as opposed to zeroing it out and teleporting it.

Thoughts on how to add an agent to a moving graph after it’s been created?


The only requirement is that the LocalSpaceGraph component is initialized (Start runs) when the ship is at the same position as the graph. You should use one LocalSpaceGraph component for each ship, not one per agent.