Bad Funnel Paths

Hey there,

So I’m a little confused about the funnel modifier. One of the things I was hoping to accomplish with it, was for changing the way pathfinding looked and reacted depending on wether or not the characters were in combat. So when out of combat, the grid is unimportant, and the characters would walk around more naturally and not snap to nodes, but when in combat, the game would force the characters to play strictly on the grid points.

This is the result of one my path calls however, when using the funnel modifier:

The green line is the path, and the blue lines are the grid. As you can see - the funnel completely ignores the height of the terrain. Is that normal?

I had the same a while back and from what i read, it’s normal. You should use physics to place him on the ground, or raycasts.
Or as a guess i think you could also use the clampedPosition from GetNearest.


Yes, essentially what @Polymo says.
The funnel modifier will try to remove as many unnecessary points as possible, so the path may differ a bit on the y axis from the graph.