Avoid many enemies run the same path with RVO

Hi Arongranberg!, I bought A* pro version long time ago but i use this recently. You can see in my game, there some enemies with RVO, recast graph and AIPath chase the hostage but they find the same path so they crowded together sometime and some enemies in short time cannot move or steer the crowd to find a new way. How can i fix this? Make them steer the crowd and find another path, including not nearest path. This link below are my setup for a* map and enemy, because i’m a new user so cannot up more than 2 images


I find out that AlternativePath is good solution for this but is there any better solution for this? How does the AlternativePath performance?


This is a common issue with local avoidance techniques. I don’t have any good solutions for you right now, but I am actually just investigating the paper Way Portals: Efficient Multi-Agent Navigation with Line-Segment Goals which aims to solve almost this problem. I haven’t had great success with it yet (the authors conveniently left out a bunch of cases where it performs poorly), but maybe I’ll get something working.