A* Pathfinding Project

Any way to use with 2019.3 without the beta?


I am trying to use this package with the latest version of 2019.3 but I am getting a bunch of errors. I know that latest beta says it fixes those error however that seems to require include some preview packages and it seems like the Entities preview package is causing a bunch of The type of namespace X does not exist in the namespace, is there any way to use this package without the beta in the latest version of Unity?



The latest non beta version also fixes this issue. The asset store version is still pending approval by unity but you can download it on the package website.


Oh, I did not try that as the website listed is as 4.2.12 and the latest version in the assets store is 4.3.10 so I assumed it was an older version that had the same issue but it does seems to work.

Thanks again.



The latest one in the AssetStore is 4.2.10. 4.3.x is the beta version.


That is interesting, the asset store website is correct but in the unity editor when I look at my assets from the package manager I get:


Not sure why this is.


Huh. I didn’t even know the package manager showed asset store packages. That must bea recent addition.