AiPath.SetPath overlapping with AiPath.Destination

hi im new into this a* and i found a problem where my AiPath.SetPath overlapping on my AiPath.Destination.

Im using AiPath.SetPath for random vector3 value and AiPath.Destination for Fleepath.
anybody know how remove the AiPath.Destination or use AiPath.Destina
tion for Fleepath ??

after the AIPath.SetPath() is complete, the AIPath.Destination return (infinity, infinity, infinity).
is is possible to user AIPath.Destination = the end point fleepath ??


Yes, this is definitely a wart in the current api.
But yes, you can set the destination in that way, as I mentioned in your other thread: Fleepath into Vector3? - #2 by aron_granberg