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AIPath/RVO Controller doesn't rotate to face target when reached

I’m using A* pro, grid graph, AIPath, RVO.

The unit walks to the target unit’s transform properly, but fails to rotate to face the target. I need the unit to face the target, so an action like attacking with their sword will strike at the enemy unit and not swing in the wrong direction.

I’ve been cruising through the code and options, but can’t spot what’s wrong. I’m asking here hoping there’s a simple fix I’m missing.

Here’s a video. At 59sec, the unit reaches the target unit, but fails to rotate to face it.

Here’s a close-up of 1min 15sec. I want the unit to rotate to face in the direction of this blue line.

Thank you for your help!

I confirmed this is due to RVO. If I disable that component the unit will properly rotate to its target.


This package does not contain any code to rotate to face particular directions once a destination has been reached. However, you can override the rotation by setting ai.enableRotation = false and then rotating the agent yourself.