A* Pathfinding Project

AIBASE() Problem


I use pathfinding pro.
This project play, AI.Base() is CPU Usage 50% up.

this project is created 200 over characters.

I have turned off character search.

The road search arrives at the point and receives the next point information, then turns on and off temporarily.

However, when I arrive at the area I set, I turn on the road search to search once every 5 seconds.

When all characters are created, fps will be 10-20.

Please AI.Base () cpu share down
I would like to show you how to reduce CPU usage of AI.BASE () and improve FPS.



At 200 units you may have reached the point where it is useful to modify the AIPath script to reduce the complexity of it and tailor it for your specific game. The AIPath script is very general and can be used in a lot of different game types. The drawback of this is that it does have some performance impact to handle all of these options.
One very quick optimization (not sure how much of an impact it will have) is to go to the AIBase.cs file (AIPath inherits from AIBase) and then remove either Update or FixedUpdate depending on if you use rigidbodies or not, and remove all the code for checking various combinations of rigidbodies, kinematic rigidbodies and 2D rigidbodies.