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Agents passing through obstacles

Hello ,I am very new to this tool and unity in general. I am trying to have agents go around building(obstacles), They seem to try to avoid the obstacles but not completely. and a lot of time they go through the obstacles , here is what I mean :

I have a graph grid with the following setting , not a big resolution and maybe this is dumb but I do like to map a single unit to a node:

On the agent I have a seeker component, AI path and RVO(I want agents to avoid agents too but that’s another issue I m struggling with , lets not digress :slight_smile: ).

Besides the component shown in the screen image above I have the usual box collider, AI lerp(found this to solve my issue of agent not moving in y direction) and a destination setter.

Anyway help to get me understand and solve this is appreciated.

the funnel modifier script is likely the problem, as it is optimized for navmesh graphs, not grid graphs

also you might want to uncheck the “cut corners” box on the pathfinder in order to prevent agents from taking shortcuts

Found out what the issue was, it was the simple smooth script I had on agents, although the agents still don’t avoid each other , trying to figure that out