A* Pathfinding Project

Agent try to follow NodeLinks outside of bounds


I’m using a Recast graph, along with some NodeLink2s to creation connections. My levels are broken up into “zones”, which are isolated from each other. As the player enters each “zone”, I’m adjusting the bounds of the graph to include only that zone, and rescanning the graph.

What I’m finding, though, is that my agents believe that they can follow NodeLinks that aren’t remotely close to being contained in the graphs bounds. Here is an example of the graph having been scanned:

On the left you can see the “zone” I’ve just bounded and scanned. But another zone (on the right) has various node links in it. All those yellow lines are coming from NodeLinks, which for some reason think they’re connected to the bounded area.

I see that the bounds are part of the Recast graph, not the Point graph. Is there any way to ignore those nodes outside of the Recast graphs bounds, short of having to disable all of them?