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After setting the target my units get stuck and loop

Hi All,

I am having an issue with pathing, the recast graph is perfectly fine, the units path is plotted and is shown in edit mode while playing, the problem I have is the unit will start their journey, then at any random point it will stop do a full loop, it can do this permanently until I give the unit a new location, if anyone could point me in the general area that might help me get to the bottom of this I would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your time.


Which movement script are you using?
Do you have a video of this happening?


Thanks for the reply, we are using the RichAI component on a recast graph, doing a video recording might be tricky as a lot of what you will see hasn’t been publicly shown, if you have a gmail email address then I can share a private video with you?



You can send a PM via this forum if you want.

Ok will do, I have informed my dev team and we will get some clips recorded

Sorry for replying to an old post, but this is exactly the problem I am encountering and there was no solution mentioned here. Are you able to share the solution Aron?

Bump @aron_granberg
Would really appreciate some help with this.

@Brad Would you mind posting a new thread with the specifics of your issue? (also things like Unity version + A* package version).

Hi Aron, I managed to fix this by lowering the wall distance threshold. Seems like the agent got too close to the wall and the “wall force” somehow pushed him off course and when it corrected itself, it goes backwards as perhaps that is the nearest node at the time.