A question about 'Player can walk on the wall'

Hello Aron , can I ask if 4.2.15 pro can complete the function of dynamic baking that creates navmesh planes which perpendicular to the horizontal plane ? We need to make it look like the player can walk on the wall.



The package can generate a navmesh on the wall, and one on the ground, using two different graphs. But they can currently not be connected automatically.

Ok, thanks. But how can I make my Agent walk on the perpendicular plane? Do I need NodeLink to link the perpendicular plane and the horizontal plane?

Hello,Aron,how can I make my Agent walk on the perpendicular plane,can you give me some idea to solve this question or is there any link teach me solve this question? :flushed:

Hi Aron

I also encountered the same problem, would you mind explaining that?

Yes, you’d need a NodeLink2 component that connects them.

This use case is not really well supported by the package though, so you may have to tweak the movement script to make it work properly with the direction changes and everything.

:flushed: Hello ,Aron,Can you show me some links to teach how can I tweak the movement script when I want the player walk properly on the wall?? Now the agent can not walk correctly on the wall.Is there any examples in the past?


I cannot recall any other user that attempted this, so I do unfortunately not have any code to share.
Using a custom movement script is probably easiest. Or possibly use the beta with the movement scripts in the spherical example scene. However those scripts were not made for sharp corners like where a wall meets the floor. They were made for smooth transitions.

Thank you.And I want to know how can I solve this problem,the agent seems to want to go straight through the obstacle to the destination,then it keep being blocked by the obstacle,all I need is that the agent walk on the green path to the destination.Can you tell me what should I do?(I use ‘Erosion iterations’ to cut the Grid Graph’s edge,I don’t know this will lead to the problem or not)
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