A Few Questions

I want to switch from Unitys build in NavMeshAgents to A* and have a few questions.

  1. I’m currently on Unity 2017.4 LTS…I saw that it supports it, Does this mean that even version 4 does? (I know 4.3 Beta doesn’t).

  2. I mainly want to use it for local avoidance. Would I have to replace using the NavMeshAgent, in order to get this functionality, or is there a way to use to help with local avoidance only? If not, I can implement it all, I just want to know how flexible it is.

  3. Does it work with NavMeshOffLinks?

  4. Does the API contain a way to get an agents angular velocity? I’m using rootmotion animations and need it under certain circumstances.


  1. Yes. The latest 4.x version supports Unity 2017.4.

  2. I’m not completely sure, but I would suspect so. In this package the local avoidance functionality is separate from the pathfinding functionality (local avoidance uses the RVOController component). But in Unity’s system the local avoidance and pathfinding are all kinda in the same component.

  3. There is an off mesh link component in this package called NodeLink2 (sorry about the terrible name). It is demonstrated in the second recast example scene. Generally what you’d do is to use the RichAI movement script and then register to the RichAI.onTraverseOffMeshLink callback and then handle the off-mesh movement in whatever way you wanted.

  4. No, this is not calculated or stored by the agent. However you can easily calculate it yourself by using a few successive rotation values.