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3D navigation through walls

Hey there, I bought the pro version a while ago, knowing that bunch of other features supported in it.
But I am not sure that 3D navigation is possible? So I have enemies that walk around a corridor from ceiling, floor, and walls.

Is it possible? And is there any documentation/example about it?


No, that is not possible.

It is possible to rotate graphs so that you can e.g. have a character walking on the ceiling. But transitioning between ceiling/walls/floors is not trivial and is not easily supported at the moment.

Is there any hacky way that I might pick? I am able to use NavMesh Graph for convex surfaces but since rooms are concave, not sure it would work with that. Tried Node Graph it didn’t work out. I gotta get this thing working somehow. Would you mind any suggestions? @aron_granberg

Walking on walls/floors and ceilings… Well, the only solution that works right now is to use a navmesh graph and manually make the graph in a 3D modelling program like blender.

The beta documentation has some more information about a similar use case:

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