3 Agents with Char Controller + RVO


We are using again A* for a new project (after trying the native Navigation system).

We like to use the RichAI with Character Controller since its a game where the Enemy is important and we like it to be more dynamic and have a real collision with the environment, not so tied to the floor, etc.

We have max 3-4 enemies chasing the player (but normally 1-2), and the idea is that they could do some kind of avoidance between them (for example not to get stuck trying to go at the same time if there is no room). I was wondering which could be the best approach with your plugin.

I just would like to know your thoughts about this scenario, because we have to decide also which AI solution to use in this project.

Is a mobile game with small environments. (20m x 8m x 20m).

Thanks for your support. We already have 5 succesfull games using this :slight_smile: