2D Edge Colliders

Are there any plans to include support for 2D Edge colliders in the not too distant future? I’m using 2D Toolkit, and it uses edge colliders instead of box/polygon colliders, and it would be really awesome to have pathfinding work out of the box.


What the system uses is the Unity Physics2D API. http://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Physics2D.html

I agree that it is very annoying that edge colliders apparently do not get returned from those calls, unfortunately it is not much I can do about that API…

Just to make sure: In the Collision Settings for the grid graph, do you use the Sphere mode and not the Ray mode?

I haven’t purchased/used your addon yet, because other users have told me that 2d edge colliders don’t work in other forums. If that has changed, I’d be happy to purchase this. :slight_smile:

You could test it out with the free version.
The free version does contain a grid graph, so you should be able to test it.