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2D collision avoidance issue

Hello! I just found this A* solution and I’m really surprised how professional it is but after I downloaded the free version I need a little help.

So, I need a 2D grid based pathfinding with dynamic collision avoidance. I loaded the 2D demo scene which is working fine, except the collision avoidance part… The agents walk through on each other, they seemingly “merge” together during the path (overlapping) + they stop on the same node when they reach the target.

I’m looking for solution as it’s very essential in most of the games what I’m planning to make. Is there any setting or way to fix it? The agents should avoid each other and don’t stop at the same place as it’s not realistic. I saw in the 3D demo scenes where the spider move around that they can avoid the other agents (after I duplicate the spider), even if they sometimes stand on the others head. :slight_smile:

This is my other question! How to prevent this behaviour of the spiders? Many times they stand each others head when they proceed to the target.

Thanks in advance! I hope, there’s a simple solution to do the 2D thing as it’s very important to me!


Take a look at which is available in the pro version.