2D colliders & recast graph

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I use A* Pathfinding Project in a 2D project where I need to be able to dynamically scan the navigation graph durring runtime. If I am not mistaken this is only possible for the grid graphs and the recast graph. Since the levels become very large, the grid graphs are not an option for me. The recast graph does work, but requires 3D colliders.

Is it possible to adapt the recast graph to also work with 2D colliders or is that on the road map for future versions? Could you give some hints on how to extend the recast graph to also work with 2D colliders?

Any tipps would be greatly appreciated!

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Sorry, this is not possible right now.
If you want to try modifying this yourself, the relevant code is in the RecastMeshGatherer.cs script.

Hello Aron!

Thanks for your reply! I will try my luck and have a look in the RecastMeshGatherer to see if I can get that to work.

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