A* Pathfinding Project

Feature Requests

RVO support for formations (2)
About Animation Link (1)
[SOLVED][Feature] Isometric grid with square shape (6)
Setting penalties based on surface material (2)
Funnel modifier duplicated points (1)
Linecast with Tags (2)
GraphEditor Expanded Assembly Search (4)
Write access to nodeCount property (1)
Loading Multiple Scenes (4)
Turn-based Utilities (13)
WanderingRichAI (1)
LayerGrids: creating custom node types (4)
Make it possible to subclass GraphCollision (2)
Disable position update in rvo controller.cs (3)
A script to get the Vector3 position of the current next node (11)
Multiple AStarPath Support (1)
Prefab based navmeshes (3)
RVO for 2D (9)
ProceduralGridMover for LayeredGridGraphs (6)
endReachedDistance for AI Lerp (2D) (4)
Visualizing Navmesh (4)
LayerGridGraph ProceduralGridMover (1)
GraphUpdateScene 'points array' - Use Mesh? (7)
Making path modifiers static (2)
Example12_Procedural: ProceduralGridMover and LayerGridGraph (3)
Tweak to AIPath.cs (3)
Access to unwalkable nodes (6)
Json.Net for Unity support (2)
Missing basic dynamic obstacle script (9)
"Directory does not exist" error when using non-standard installation directory (4)