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External graph settings file (3)
2019.3 Terrain Holes Support (1)
Erosion/Tags optimization (6)
Support for Raycast Command (8)
Package manager support (4)
Make CheckHeight and Check Collisions Virtual (2)
Multi Move graphs (4)
NNConstraint.None GC (5)
Request: Draw grids serialized outside of Astar the same as grids in Astar (1)
Dynamic grid obstacles using multiple colliders (1)
Unity Package Manager compatibility (patches supplied) (1)
GetNearest(ITraversalProvider) (3)
Visual change for penalties (Grid - Layered Grid Graph) (2)
GridGraph.CountNodes() null test (2)
Point graph scanning disabled gameobjects (1)
Tiny patch to move capsule gizmo down (1)
Job/ECS Support (3)
ECS based path finding (4)
GraphUpdateObject Pooling (2)
Unity 2018.3 isometric tilemap (1)
Multi-Point NodeLink2 (1)
Tilemap Collider 2D w/ Composite Collider Not Working (13)
Ignore certain Tags for graph creation (1)
Update default for pickNextWaypointDist in AI Path Script (2)
In AiBase.cs of free version "var UseGravity" doesn't accurately represent rigidbody's gravity setting (5)
Seeker demand and large map question (4)
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RVO Obstacles and Multiple Grid Graphs (3)
ScritableObjects for runtime reload (4)