Why not support server and client?


It took about a week to separate the server part from the plugin, thus not relying on unity3d. At the same time it took a week to convert the server part RVO simulation to a deterministic simulation. It has been too hard these two weeks. Fortunately, many modules do not rely on unity3d and provide deterministic mechanisms such as Int3, GraphTransform …! I think the authors are interested in changing the plugin to deterministic and stripping out the Runtime Server、unity3d client simulate and Editor modules. I made a lot of changes, and I am unable to update this plugin anymore.Will there be any support for this feature?(:blush: sorry for my poor english, Google Translate)



Maintaining a version that works outside of Unity and is deterministic is unfortunately a very large amount of work and not that many people require it. Even just using floating point math is non-determinstic across different machines (which is why games such as Starcraft 2 only uses integer math).


Great job! When release this version that works outside of unity3d?



I think google translate is not translating properly for you. I was saying that I do not think I will create a version that works outside of Unity3D.