Walk back problem


I move the object with AIDestionationSetter but if I set transform.LookAt(target2); object looks target2 but it does not move.



Try to disable the ‘slow when not facing target’ option on the movement script.


I’ve another problem, How can I set the roof of a house as unwalkable?



You can attach the ‘RecastMeshObj’ component to the roof and mark it as an unwalkable surface.


Sorry but not change. @aron_granberg


Is that the object with the MeshFilter component?


Fixed! I had to set it on all the LODs, can not I set it only on the root of the object? Or do I have to create a code that does it?


In the current version you have to set it on all objects with MeshFilters (or colliders if you are rasterizing those).

For performance I would recommend only including the lowest LOD in the recast scan (it will not affect pathfinding performance, but it will make the graph scans faster). Alternatively you could rasterize colliders instead.


Is it better to base the recast on skins or colliders?


Colliders is usually more performant (for scanning) because they are less detailed. However using mesh filters may give you a more accurate navmesh (depending on how detailed your colliders are).