Suggestion for Graph Update Scene



I am still having that problem where I cannot delete points when holding down Shift + Alt and then left clicking on the point. It automatically selects the “look” tool and if I click on a point nothing happens. Is it possible to change that key like Shift + right click?

Also I would suggest the points to be places on the terrain Y normal (in case they are not) for better alignment.


Yeah, some others have also had issues with shift + alt and clicking on a point. Maybe its a windows related problem or something because I don’t have that issue on mac.


Sorry to revive this topic, but I’m on Windows (Unity 5.6) and having this same behaviour. I would be surprised if anyone was able to get it to work on Windows.

I’ve dug around but I can’t find the part of the code which defines this. Please help!

(any windows users found a workaround for this?)