A* Pathfinding Project

Some of the monster in the build project can not avoid obstacles



I am developing with unity 2017.3.0p4 version.
When I build my project with pc and ps, some of the monsters can not avoid obstacles.
Approximately 2-3 monsters walk in front of obstacles.

I run agent.SearchPath () every 3 seconds, and when I repeat 3 times, it moves by (0,0, -1) in the current coordinates.

vecCalcuTime += Time.deltaTime;

            if (vecCalcuTime > 3)
                if (Mathf.Abs(currentVec.magnitude - this.transform.localPosition.magnitude) <= 2 && m_RVOController.rvoAgent.NeighbourCount <= 1)

                    if (vecCalcuFrequency > 3)
                        this.transform.localPosition -= new Vector3(0, 0, 1);//Vector3.forward;
                        GetComponent<SimpleSmoothModifier>().offset = 0.25f;

                        vecCalcuFrequency = 0;

                vecCalcuTime = 0.0f;
                currentVec = this.transform.localPosition;

I have not been able to solve it yet.
I need help.


Why are you moving your agents like that?
Do you not see this issue in the editor?
Do you think you could show a video of the issue?