Single scene, multiple dungeons each with it's own map


So I have a single scene. In this one scene, I have 10 dungeons or areas that are 100x100 tiles in size.
I right now have the a* map that is 1000 x 1000 in size and each dungeon take up 100x100, but that seems like a bad idea…

How can I create 10 different a* maps for each area in the same scene?



You can just add multiple graphs to the AstarPath component.


Thanks! I will try that out.

Performance wise, would it be ok if there are 100 different graphs and 10000 pathing objects in the same scene?


10000 objects? Well, you are going to have to do some performance optimization for that. It’s tricky to even create 10000 GameObjects in Unity and keep a reasonable frame-rate. So it will work, however your units will not be able to recalculate their paths that often and you will definitely need to write your own extremely slimmed down movement script to get good enough performance out of it.