Ship AI move - need help


I’m creating a similar game to:
I don’t know how to setup AI. First biggest problem is to set proper rotation for player ship. I do not want to use rotate in place when target reached - it’s look bad and they can not move in reality.
Here is image with my idea how to resolve it.
Green balls are target for AI and they are changing with OnTriggerEnter(red and blue box)
This blue circle is NavMechCut component.
It’s work almost nice but when player is moving and this NavMechCut hit bot, bot moving (it’s pushing bot because under bot is missing navmesh).
How can i resolve it? Maybe some one have better idea to get this effect for ship AI.



For that kind of game I don’t think you want to use pathfinding directly for the ship’s path. I think you will want to use some kind of steering behavior possibly together with a very coarse grid or point graph to make the ship move in roughly the right direction around larger islands.