RVO Obstacles and Multiple Grid Graphs


I have two grid graphs each with a different obstacle layer mask. One grid graph’s obstacle layer mask does not contain certain smaller dynamic objects that I’d like agents to ignore when pathfinding. This works fine when doing a startPath with the correct graph mask but a problem comes into play when using RVO. It seems like RVO Navmesh is adding all the obstacles to the RVO simulator so when a startPath is done with the graph mask that does not contain the dynamic obstacles(in its obstacle layer mask) the agent still attempt to avoid them because RVO is using all obstacles of all grid graphs. Is this expected behavior and do you have any recommendations to work around this?




Sorry, currently this is not a use case that is well supported.
What you can do is to modify the RVONavmesh.cs script a little so that it adds different obstacles to different RVO layers, then you can configure your RVOControllers to only avoid the appropriate layers.


Please support this, this is impossible to implement without changing the current code