RichAI + RVO + navmesh



I use navemesh graph. If i use Legacy PathAi with Legacy RVO all ok.
If i change LagacyPathAI to RichAI and Legacy RVO to RVO the units just move back-forward-back-forwrd in loop and don’t follow the path and newer reach the target.


And navmesh example scene dosen’t work too. When i mode the target, the bot just stay.


There is a trouble with graph, i reimported the mesh to graph and all ok. But with RVO still dosen’t work



Do the RVO example scenes work? I just checked the “RecastExample2” scene, and just adding an RVOSimulator and an RVOController seems to work just fine. Which version of the package are you using?


Yep, sample work fine. Was a trouble with layers collision. But i have a trouble with richAI with RVO with NavMeshGraph. Units don’t go by path, just go back-forward like patrol. I talk about NavMeshGraph, not recast.


Could you share a video of this. That could make it easier to debug.


I think it’s haven’t a reason. Theme could be closed. Thank you)