PointGraph not accepting Nodelink2 @ Runtime


I’ve created a 50x200 grid using tagged child objects that generate a complete grid of plus and x traversal patterns saved/cached for startup. Pathing works fine in all directions with AI/Target. BUT - When I either modify the maxdistance to limit vertical/horizontal casting to ‘floors’ (joined all the way across, not up or down) OR use colliders to ‘split’ the floors, Nodelinks created in a column (stairs/elevator) at runtime are not being followed.

I’ve tried about every solution so far for runtime NodeLink2 creation on the forum and nothing works. I can only test at runtime since it’s procedural.
I’m placing an object (not within search parent of A* graph setup) with the nodelink2 script on the exact spot of node in the pointgraph, AI will walk over the spot all day. The end transform is directly up or down vertically. FloodFill, QueueFloodFill, GraphUpdate, guoGraphUpdates… nothing. I do see a line on the scene view appearing to bridge the two nodes, but no scan or passing. Either something is messed or I’m misunderstanding how to use NodeLink?


  1. Should PointGraph work fine in 2D X,Y? (z:camera/orthographic)
  2. Should Nodelink2 work with PointGraphs? Even if link is beyond the maxDistance on graph setup, or even within maxdistance?
    If yes on 2, does location impact ability? Completely vertical placement at this point.
  3. Am I using Nodelink2 in/correctly?



Screenshots from scene view showing point nodes connected and nodelink created at runtime appearing to connect. But AI_2D will never use vertical nodelinks to climb up or down…

AI is only at edge since that was last valid place it routed before I moved the target over the edge. It doesn’t detect it beyond the gap and ‘try’ to get to it. Moving target side to side leaves AI sitting still.

And screenshot of it from an angle showing the depth.

edit: I’ve debugged CalculateStep() and I don’t think the problem is there. I think the nodelink nodes are not being properly added. using the above mentioned workitem, floodfill and graphupdates from previous nodelink/runtime threads are not working anymore. What steps are necessary to properly add a nodelink2 to point graphs at runtime as of 4.2.4?

Found workaround: No amount of emulating onenable will work, but turning GO off and back on makes it work -.-