Pathfinding Problem


Really excited to use this asset in the game I’m making. I have a question ; a project I have - the pathfinder goes straight up into the air when it is trying to follow its path - it does the same thing if I run the example scenes within the project. But if I create a new project the examples scenes will work. Now I thought this problem must have to do with the gravity because when I set it equal to none the y axis doesn’t change and it follows the path, but I want it to work properly. I have the gravity in the scene set to -9.81, any ideas why it would be flying straight into the air and not following the path? Thank you hope to hear from you soon.



That sounds like some physics configuration issue.
The movement scripts in the example scenes use raycasting to find the position of the ground below them, they should be configured to ignore the layer of the character itself. I’m not quite sure what kind of physics configuration you could have that would prevent that from working, but apparently something like that is going on. Could you check if the raycasting layer mask on the movement scripts on the characters are configured to include only the terrain, but not the character itself?


Thank you - You were right - I think it’s working now - It was colliding with itself and climbing up infinitely.