[Non-issue/Solved] RVOController.velocity always returns Vector3.zero


RVOController.velocity always returns Vector3.zero. I convert this to a cardinal direction (int x, y) to pass to my animator so noticed that my enemies slid after I updated to the beta. The controller works just fine though, functionally.


That’s strange, because the .velocity method uses the exact same code as all the other movement code. It will return Vector3.zero if the Unity time scale is set to zero though. Is this the case for you?


Upon investigating further, I found it relates to me using two scenes instead of one. So I have a LevelCommon Scene that has the main camera, canvas, astar, etc. And then a Level Scene that has the tilemap and level design (enemies, pickups, triggers, etc.).

The in-game transition code loads the LevelCommon Scene first, then the Level Scene, preventing any weird issues.
But in the Unity Editor, I open both scene’s to test. I noticed that for about a second, I get this error:

No RVOSimulator component found in the scene. Please add one.

I assume the the Unity Editor loaded the levels asynchronously and the Level Scene finishes first causing the error to occur for a split second. Even though it goes away and the AI works properly, this scenario causes any AI in the scene prior to entering Play Mode (aka not spawned) to have a velocity of zero despite pathfinding just fine.

That being said, not sure if this is actually a bug lol.

EDIT: Andddddd right clicking LevelCommon -> Set Active Scene appears to make this load first, fixing the errors and velocity issues. So looks like everything’s good now. Thanks!