Navmesh Cut does not work second graph


Navmesh Cut works normally in the first graph.
However, if you create a second graph, it will only work on the first Graph.
Is there a way?



Currently this is not possible out of the box. However you can create multiple TileHandlerHelper components from a script to do this:

var graphs =;
for (int i = 0; i < graphs.Length; i++) {
     if (graphs[i] is NavmeshBase) {
         var handler = new TileHandler(graphs[i] as NavmeshBase);


Sorry, can you explain more?
Should I write a new script and write that script?

When I create a new script and start your script, an error message is printed

There should only be one TileHandlerHelper per scene. Destroying.
Pathfinding.TileHandlerHelper:Start() (at Assets/AstarPathfindingProject/Navmesh/TileHandlerHelper.cs:78)

This is my script.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Pathfinding.Util;

namespace Pathfinding
public class MultipleTileHelper : MonoBehaviour

	// Use this for initialization
	void Start ()
		var graphs =;
		for (int i = 0; i < graphs.Length; i++) {
			if (graphs [i] is NavmeshBase) {
				var handler = new TileHandler (graphs [i] as NavmeshBase);
				gameObject.AddComponent<TileHandlerHelper> ().UseSpecifiedHandler (handler);
				handler.CreateTileTypesFromGraph ();



Or should I modify the TileHanderHelper script?
This is a very important issue for my project.
Please explain in detail.

Thank you for your help.


Ah. Right. You have done everything correctly as far as I can see. However I remembered that you also need to remove a piece of code from the TileHandlerHelper script. Find that script and look in the Start method of it. Remove this code:

if (FindObjectsOfType(typeof(TileHandlerHelper)).Length > 1) {
	Debug.LogError("There should only be one TileHandlerHelper per scene. Destroying.");


For future readers: version 4.1.19 (currently a beta version available here: now has support for navmesh cutting on all graphs out of the box, the TileHandlerHelper component isn’t even necessary anymore.


Is it possible (in new version) to cut holes in editor, not in runtime?
I’d prefer to scan all graphs in editor and don’t touch them in playmode.



I don’t think so at the moment.
You may get it to work if you call:



Unfortunately there is no such thing as navmeshUpdates in AstarPath class.


It only exists in the beta.


When I downloaded package PathfindingProject_Pro_WebsiteDownload_dev_4_1_19_3b555458, it shows 4.1.18, instead of 19. There’s also no chages in the class you mentioned.

Tried twice, file still shows one version less than the last beta.


Thanks, now the beta version works fine. Unfortunately, the fix you mentioned doesn’t work - the graph still cannot receive cuts in scene mode (outside play mode).