A* Pathfinding Project

Multiple Layers / Stories with Grid Graph?


Hi, I’ve recently started using the A* Pathfinding Project and I have a Grid Graph for my procedural levels.

It works perfectly, but is there any way I can have the grid underneath other walkable platforms? Here is a picture to demonstrate what I mean (I want the enemy to be able to walk underneath the platform).

Is there any way of doing this? I couldn’t find anything on the forum which had the same problem but if it’s been posted before, please link me to it and sorry for double posting :smiley:

Many thanks,



Yes, you can use the ‘LayeredGridGraph’.
See https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/layergridgraph.html


Thanks for the quick reply!

Shame it’s a pro feature though, might have to think about purchasing at some point :slight_smile:

Regards, Anthony.