Multi-Point NodeLink2


Vertical Multi-floor elevator nodelink script. Before I setup multiple links from each floor to each other floor, is there a better way to have AI pathfind through an elevator shaft? I need to detect is the shaft-to-floor route is faster than the stairs (stairs shorter 1-3 floors vs elevators beyond…) , as well as detect when the ai reaches the point in order to replay actions for elevator interface (buttons, doors, board, move up/down, part).

The shaft and each floor entry is generated at run time so the creation of nodes will be procedural or inherited from prefabs.

I appreciate any help.

P.S. I have setup my own node script outside the astar system that works using coroutines in small numbers but breaks the moment more than 5-10 ais are pathfinding. I’m now working within AStar using the built in node system hoping to prevent the issues. I believe my issues revolve around nested coroutines passing back themselves instead of a temp yield state to resume later… very aggravating.

It works wonderful for a single AI over any number of floors. But increasing the numbers of AI above 5-10 and I start getting coroutines not passing data back as expected (but it’s very fast doing it :). I basically created a wrapper around astar to include custom nodes similar to the existing links for stairs, but elevators are a new idea entirely I think. That and getting past 5-10 at once is an issue so here I am :frowning: