GridNode.GetPortal never having connections


Hey there,

During the funnel algorithm on the grid graph, I’m noticing that we never add a portal when Funneling, however every node around the current node is connected.

Is there something I’m missing about the funneling algorithm? is it expected to never have node connections?


So I began debugging this and noticed that no GridNode had a viable connection to another node with HasConnectionInDirection.

This seems really peculiar because they are clearly connected. If I remove that check and do a simple index check against the node found, we create portals correctly and the funneling algorithm behaves MUCH better.

Any thoughts on this? I haven’t changed much in my graph settings.



Are you modifying grid connections manually in some way?


No, that’s what’s puzzling to me!

When I checked the HasConnections call, it has the correct offsets for what I would expect, but the connection mask doesn’t return true.