Feature Roadmap / Future plans?


Hi Aron,

what future plans do you have for your A* package?

Could you give us some kind of feature roadmap and maybe a raw milestone schedule?





Ok, roadmap… I decided that this was the topic for a blog post, see http://www.arongranberg.com/2013/08/roadmap/


Thanks for the update. The list is impressive. I do have a request. Mecanim is a huge improvement over the old animation system. I would like to see Mecanim incorporated into the project. It would honestly help me out to have a standardized system soon as apposed to having to rework things a year or so from now. I am cobbling together a work around, but even with my experience with scripting this feature is a bit on the difficult side.


A few others have requested this. However since there are so many other things, I want to prioritize those first.


Thanks a lot for sharing your vision with us!

And it makes me happy to hear, that the next release isn’t far away.


What about an update to the roadmap?
I guess much of what you described in the blog post was implemented in v4