Error on start - happened only once


I have been using the same setup with the Recast graph for a couple of days with no problems, but I started the game now and got this error, I cannot replicate it. The first two messages appeared when I started the game then the rest when I reached the AI and activated RichAi and pathfinding

I have started the game at least 200 times today and haven’t seen it.


You didn’t happen to keep the log or the full stack traces?


No, I cleared the console. I don’t know if there’s a way to recover the error logs from the editor.


Hm… I have looked through the code and I cannot find any variable in that method that could possibly cause a null reference exception, everything seems to be checked for being null or if they were null they would have caused an earlier exception. It’s hard to do much more without either the full stack traces or a reproducible test case unfortunately.


Yes, I understand and I will let you know if it happens again. BTW before there was an error that happened more often (4-5 times per day), but I saw the changelog of the most recent build that you fixed a null pointer exception that happens on start and after I updated, it no longer appeared (been testing for ~2 weeks), so I guess the error from before is different than the error I got yesterday.