DynamicGridObstacle lag


Hi. Great program i’m really enjoying it thank you very much. I’m having a problem with dynamic obstacles though.

Right now I have 2 characters moving around that are obstacles and need to have their positions updated. I need the obstacle avoidance to be accurate so i need the grid to be very close to their actual positions. I attached DynamicGridObstacle components to both objects and now the performance of the game has dropped enormously. There is in fact a lag just navigating around without any collisions. The update error and check time have to be very low so the avoidance is very accurate. Is there some way to fix this? Maybe there’s a better method like removing them as obstacles from the Graph and using some other means to keep them from colliding?

To be more specific, I had to remove the default Unity character collider because I needed a better shape than capsule. So my units have custom colliders now and i’m writing my own controllers. There are multiple player controlled units (and non-player units) that need to be able to smoothely navigate around each other as they move back and forth. I have my own movement script working great with the pathfinder but the problem i have now is these units running over each other, which I don’t want to happen. I could write some super complex algorithm to get them to go around each other but I’m hoping there’s a more pre-packaged solution




Have you had a look at local avoidance? https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/local-avoidance.php