AstarPath.Scan over multiple frames


Is there any possibility I could also get the preview version aswell?

Async graph updates are almost mandatory at this point :slight_smile:



This exists in the latest beta version (3.8.3). You can download it from
It is a pro only feature however.



Could someone link me to the documentation about Async scan on the latest builds? I can’t find it so far. Is it included in the Astar.path component?



Async scanning is included in the latest beta version. Here are the docs:

Splitting scanning into multiple frames?

Thank you for the response, I look it up!

EDIT : It seems that the ScanAsync is present in the version 3.8.5, but I am currently using the (pro). And I can’t find it either in the script, nor in the doc. Has it been deprecated? Do I need to downgrade to 3.8.5 in my project?



The version numbers are really confusing right now. Sorry about that.
3.8.5 was a beta, but several features in it were not ready for official release, but some others were, so the beta branch and the release branch diverged a bit. contains some things from the beta, but not all. ScanAsync is one of those things.

You can take a look at the changelogs here


Oh ok, yes it was a bit confusing XD, but don’t worry, I’ll download the 3.8.5 right away and test it out!



Hi Aron, I just download the latest PRO 3.x version, PRO 3.8.11 and I’m trying to scan async, but I can’t find the proper documentation.
for this version, The latest version I got acces to the documentation is

But in the 3.8.11 ScanLoop() doesn’t return an Inumerable, just return void.
Is there something I’m missing?
Thanks as always.



The ScanAsync method only exists in various experimental forms in some beta versions in the 3.x branch. I think the latest one is 3.8.5 (see similar explanation in the post just above yours). You can find all previous versions on this page: (just click the ‘Show older versions’ button).
The finished version of ScanAsync exists in 4.x. Sorry for the confusing version numbers.


Perfect Aron, We will upgrade then to 4.x Pro.