A* Pathfinding Project

Any way to see areas listed?


Does AStar use the areas listed in Unity’s Navigation window or does it keep its own?

I see a bunch of different areas on the map but no indication of where that information came from.


Definitely uses it’s own. Try exploring the main a* component more as well as the seeker component I believe…


Yeah I see now that it uses the layermask definitions that you can input to into unity, but I was wondering if there was a way to input them directly for this library.



The colors that you see in the scene view by default are just indications of the different connected components of the graph (e.g all blue nodes can be reached from other blue nodes, all green nodes can be reached from other green nodes, etc.). However in your last post you mention layer masks, which don’t really have anything to do with the connected components. So I’m not quite sure which part of the package you want more info about.


Hey! Sorry for the vague nature of the previous post.

Basically, I want to implement a graph painting system where a designer can mark nodes, in this case grid nodes but potentially on the triangulation as well, as walkable by certain types of units. It seems like that sort of thing isn’t in the package, so exposing Area info to the designer and a workflow for it will be needed.

Unity uses area definitions to decide whether or not certain areas are pathable, and you can configure the pathfinding system on a unit to be able to walk on those, as far as I recall. AStar does not do that, right?


Ah, I see.
Yes this package does that, they are just called ‘tags’ instead of ‘areas’. Take a look at https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/tags.html.


Oh very cool, I read those and thought they were the same tags as unity objects. I will take a look. Thanks so much for your responsiveness!


To follow up here - it looks like the area tags are stored per scene.

This is interesting - is there a way to store these between scenes? The expectation for me would be that a designer could author tags once and have them used in any map.



I suppose you could put the AstarPath object in a prefab and use it in multiple scenes.


That won’t work for our architecture, unfortunately.

I’m going to rebuild that, I think.