A* Pathfinding Project

Analogue of "Off mesh links" is not avaialble in A*?


I mean analogue of this feature from Unity Navmesh:


I can’t find any information about this feature in the manual.
It is super important feature. I am surprised with the lack of any information about.
How can I create vertical ladders, “jump points” or portals without it?


Ah, found it! It is called “Node Link”.

But another question. It is not possible to generate node links procedurally? Unity Navmesh capable to do it. It is required in order to allow AI to jump over short gaps.



Nice that you found them.
Unfortunately no, that is not possible in this package. Node links are unfortunately one of the areas of this package that I think are the most underdeveloped. I am not too happy with the current implementation, but I am thinking of some improvements to make to them.
You can check out the second recast example scene which shows how the node links can be used.


Thanks for quick reply!

Understood. Okay, seems like it is not too critical. Glad you are plan to improve this feature. It could be quite important in some cases.

Amazing tool!