About the gismoz path


Sorry for my bad English…
Hi, i’m beginner on unity and this is the first time j use this A* plugin
I wanna ask, my game already done, and A* plugin work. When i start the game, My object draw some gismoz path to the player. Then i want to test the path. But when i test it (manually calculate) the path is different from the plugin. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L_dyaEMtAzxqSoBbbpES_bzM1nirQlqd/view?usp=sharing (green is plugin gismoz and orange is the manual)
Someone please give me A sugestion about where i can find the script on a* plugin who define the path calculation. Thanks
My email if u need: martineriston123@gmail.com



How do you test it precisely?

The path is calculated in the AIBase.cs script, in the SearchPath method.


Thanks for reply this sir…
I use 2014 version btw…
for heuristic, this plugin use euclidean heuristic
The euclidean heuristic formula i know and i use for manual calculating is =SQRT((Xcurrent - XGoal)^2+(Ycurrent-YGoal)^2)
And for G cost, i use formula like this =SQRT(XCurrent^2+YCurrent^2)
(I don’t understand about the calculating formula for search G value on the plugin)

is the calculating(the formula) that i am used for do manual testing is correct? Thanks sir